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Jeff Smith



Thanks for visiting the site.

People often ask me if I sell my work. I don't. I used to.

I had a gallery in Asheville and did the whole "wildlife photographer" deal at a lot of people's encouragement. It was fun and great for my ego but it was also work. Turning my love for still photography into a business was never my goal, I have other avenues for revenue,  so I bailed on that adventure even though it was relatively successful.

With that said, if you fall in love with one of my photographs drop me a note and tell me why you love it.  Promise me you'll display it in your home or office and I'll send you a 13 x 19 inch print of that photograph which I'll sign and give you the backstory on. Some day (when I'm dead most likely) it may be worth a lot of money... but at the very least it'll make for a nice conversation piece now.


If you'd like to drop me a short note, you can do so below. Just make sure I have your email so I can get back to you. Don't worry, I'm not sophisticated enough to store your email address and we have nothing to spam you with... so you're safe.


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